The Next Frontier for FP&A: Succesfully Navigating the Brave New World and the Essential Role of Oracle EPM CloudWebinar

As the role of Finance evolves, many organizations continue to invest heavily in FP&A functionality to achieve more strategic insights and advance future planning capabilities. With the continuously changing economic landscape, business leaders cannot afford to overlook irreversible changes concerning the ways in which they operate. Tune in to the pre-recorded webinar ‘The Next Frontier […]

Argyle Digital: SMB Finance Leadership ForumVideo

In 2021, SMBs applied resilience and creativity to overcome incredulous financial challenges. Small and medium-sized businesses often rely on capital, and many struggle to obtain financial backing. Learn how to be finance flexible and improve your organization’s forecasting, planning, & budgeting for future growth at the SMB Finance Half-Day Leadership Forum. With a focus on readiness […]

Sales Forecasting in PharmaceuticalsArticle

Pharmaceutical companies have always faced unique challenges in forecasting due to high development costs, a complex regulatory environment, and shifting consumer trends. In addition to these industry specific factors, pharmaceutical organizations also struggle with their ability to access high-quality financial data and the reliance on fragmented Excel spreadsheets. Download the full APQC article to get […]

Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting: Best Practices for Rising Above UncertaintyWebinar

As we move into the opportunities presented by the new year, now more than ever the Office of the CFO and its business partners need the crucial performance analyses and decision support provided by organizational planning, budgeting, and forecasting practitioners. And yet, these processes continue to be challenged by the uncertainty, complexity, and volatility that is […]

CFO How Finance Teams Advance from Accounting to Analytics Webinar

The necessity of working remotely during these unprecedented times has accelerated the evolution of the finance function from supervising routine tasks to informing strategic decisions. Finance executives have sought after ways to apply advances in automation. In order to do so they will need to overcome organizational barriers to gathering, as well as sharing, accurate […]

How to Develop Best Practices in FP&A to Prepare for What You Cannot Predict Webinar

Finance leaders have long relied on forecasts and budgets that reflect an underlying assumption that past performance foretells future outcomes. But the most resilient organizations are those whose leaders recognize that they need to prepare for, rather than try to predict, the future. To adapt quickly as new challenges arise, organizations are applying advances in […]

Success in Simplicity: Establishing the Foundation for Planning and Analytics at NucorWebinar

At AFP’s FinNext20 Virtual Conference, Peloton Consulting Group presented with Nucor, the largest steel producer and recycler in the United States, about addressing their challenges with forecasting projected cash positions for numerous projects spanning many years and consolidating data from 200+ locations and making actionable decisions across the enterprise. Presented by: Philip Peck, Vice President […]

Increasing FP&A’s Effectiveness by Integrating Risk ManagementFP&A Research Guide

Value is important to all organizations. It’s often highlighted in company mission statements and taken into consideration with financial goals. However, success is not guaranteed, which introduces risk: risk is any uncertainty that could lower the value and diminish the success of an enterprise. FP&A is naturally connected to risk management, as it already addresses volatility, […]

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