How to Develop Best Practices in FP&A to Prepare for What You Cannot Predict Webinar

Finance leaders have long relied on forecasts and budgets that reflect an underlying assumption that past performance foretells future outcomes. But the most resilient organizations are those whose leaders recognize that they need to prepare for, rather than try to predict, the future.

To adapt quickly as new challenges arise, organizations are applying advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to augment finance leaders’ scenario planning skills. As they adjust forecasts and budgets to reflect the scenarios their organizations are preparing for, finance leaders can also apply AI to core business processes such as enterprise resource planning (ERP).

View the recording of this webinar to learn:

  • Why finance leaders are dedicating more attention than ever to FP&A not only within but also beyond the realm of finance
  • What technological advances, particularly in FP&A and ERP, enable finance leaders to forecast, budget, and plan with the agility their organizations require in an increasingly unpredictable business environment
  • How to establish and sustain a center of excellence in planning and analysis throughout your organization

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