Our Story

Digital Transformation Realized

With the digital age disrupting entire industries, Peloton was born out of the idea that there is a better way to harness the power of information and analytics.

True business transformation is about people first, then process, and finally – technology. Peloton helps businesses transform from the inside out with our client-centered approach. We take a holistic view of your business – understanding your unique challenges to help your business connect better and more efficiently.

Change is hard but it’s the only way to grow. We provide a differentiated customer experience by involving clients actively from the start because education leads to adoption which leads to change. Our clients begin to test drive solutions as they are created and immediately begin to practice what we teach.

Peloton is built on the power of connection. We value our ability to connect with our clients, helping them to modernize business processes with integrated cloud-based applications and analytics. We value connectivity, diversity and inclusion as a team and with the community – we are stronger together.

Guy F. Daniello, Chief Executive Officer and Founder


Our Approach

Your Success Is Our Passion

We listen, empathize, share knowledge, and focus on tangible outcomes, striving to earn your trust every day. We work to solve strategic problems at the outset of our relationship and the little problems that arise throughout it. We know we’ve been successful when clients begin to trust their data and rely on the insights derived from their financial teams to gain overall competitive advantage and make better decisions.

We Empower Your Team

Your team and our team work together to form a community. We’ll lean on you for context and history, and you’ll lean on us to turn data into insights. Collaborating both before and after the process, you’ll come to understand how we got there and why it matters. And if we become just as much a part of your team along the way, we consider that to be a great result too.

We Bring Change

We do more than just help you implement a solution. We drive process, and organizational transformation. We take best practices and leading edge technology and apply that to your business issues – turning complexity into simplicity. In the end, we help connect your business, realize digital transformation and bring about change. Our clients have done it, and you can too.

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