Toyota Boshoku do Brasil Cuts Manufacturing Test Processing Time in Half

Click here to learn more! The Toyota Boshoku group develops seats that elicit the maximum potential of each car, seats that make the vehicle easier to drive and that ensure the ultimate in comfort and pleasure. They aim to develop seats that provide comfort and safety for everyone in mobility in any setting around the […]

4 Things You Must Consider Before You Implement Oracle ERP in Brazil

Here you are a successful Oracle Applications manager working with a talented team of technical and functional professionals at a great company with a proven track record of success. Your team has successfully rolled out Oracle EBS and cloud solutions in Asia, Europe, Latin America and countless countries in between. You have an approach that […]

Preparing Brazil for Oracle ERP Cloud

In the middle of 2017 Oracle published the Oracle ERP Cloud Release 13 Global Catalog.  Here at TRI, a Peloton Consulting Group company , we reviewed the notes carefully for any information or hints about the status of Oracle’s development related to localizations and add-on localizations for Brazil.  Determining when Oracle ERP Cloud is ready for […]

Four Oracle Certified Tax Reporting Options For Brazil

Oracle’s solution for Brazil is composed of the core Oracle EBS software, localizations, add-on localizations, and certified 3rd party solutions. The most important of this final category is the third party tax reporting solutions. In order to implement Oracle in Brazil and meet the local statutory requirements, you must select a 3rd party tax reporting […]

Oracle Product Overview – The Construction & Engineering Industry

Oracle’s Construction and Engineering Global Business Unit or CEGBU for short  is currently working diligently to help educate their partners and the market about changes to the branding and offerings of their core product portfolio, which is well known for its suite of Project Portfolio Management applications. At first it can seem daunting for a […]

Facily, a Social Commerce Platform Implements Oracle ERP Cloud is a Social Commerce platform that brings together several products at incredible prices and that already has more than 17 million downloads of its APP. With its rapid success and impact in Brazil, is gaining increasing media attention. Created just two years ago, grew intensely and suddenly, which led to the integration […]

Brenntag Implements Oracle Transportation Management

Brenntag is a world leader in the distribution of chemicals and raw materials. The multinational company manages complex supply chains for both chemical manufacturers and consumers, simplifying market access for thousands of products and services. It combines a global network with excellent local execution.  THE PROJECT The project’s primary objective was to leverage native Oracle […]

The evolution of IT services with the new ERP Cloud solutions

To keep up with the new reality of ERP Cloud solutions, with all the innovation and improvements embedded in these new systems, the execution of IT services is undergoing a moment of transformation as well. Benefits of Cloud Solutions for IT With a budget increasingly directed to “keep the lights on” in the company, every […]

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