Four Oracle Certified Tax Reporting Options For Brazil

Oracle’s solution for Brazil is composed of the core Oracle EBS software, localizations, add-on localizations, and certified 3rd party solutions. The most important of this final category is the third party tax reporting solutions. In order to implement Oracle in Brazil and meet the local statutory requirements, you must select a 3rd party tax reporting solution.

The four Oracle certified 3rd party tax reporting solution providers in Brazil are:

  • Synchro
  • Mastersaf
  • Compliance
  • GSF Fiscal

When we sit down with clients to help them plan for an Oracle rollout or upgrade in Brazil, they inevitably ask us, “which 3rd party tax reporting solution should we choose?” The answer, of course, is something along the lines of, “it depends.” The truth is that all four options, when configured correctly, can meet your company’s needs in Brazil. The chart below provides a quick snapshot of some important factors to consider when evaluating the options.

Synchro and Mastersaf have been the two major providers of this type of solution for more than a decade in Brazil. Their relatively large percentage of market share, along with a mature product, make them the partner of choice for a number of large companies in Brazil. Compliance and GSF Fiscal are both newer and younger companies. Their products are built on the latest web technologies, and many feel they offer a more elegant and updated solution overall. As with any important choice, there are pros and cons no matter which partner you select.

Implementing Oracle in Brazil may seem complicated when you first begin to learn about the different solution components, but this is what our team works on every day. Contact us, and we will happily share a decade’s worth of tips and best practices related to the 3rd party tax reporting solutions that are required in Brazil.

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