Preparing Brazil for Oracle ERP Cloud

In the middle of 2017 Oracle published the Oracle ERP Cloud Release 13 Global Catalog.  Here at TRI, a Peloton Consulting Group company , we reviewed the notes carefully for any information or hints about the status of Oracle’s development related to localizations and add-on localizations for Brazil.  Determining when Oracle ERP Cloud is ready for a particular country or region might seem like a straightforward task.  Just ask Oracle, right?  The reality is a bit “cloudier” than that.

These days the term cloud, as it relates to IT services and infrastructure, has become so overused that it can be difficult to determine what people mean when they use it.  In September of 2008, the Wall Street Journal ran an article titled, Overuse of the Term ‘Cloud Computing’ Clouds the Meaning of the Tech Buzz Phrase.  Here we are, almost a full decade later, and in many circles the confusion remains.  This is certainly true in Brazil, where rumors of Oracle’s ERP Cloud availability and ability to meet local statutory requirements have abounded for years.  Lately, we tend to hear things like, “Integrated Receiving should be available next quarter.” Next quarter comes and goes, and as of this writing there are less than 20 companies running Oracle ERP Cloud in Brazil, AND using it to meet all local requirements.  To the best of our knowledge, all are service companies only.  Meaning that we do not yet have an example of a company that buys and sells products that is live on the Oracle Cloud offering for Brazil.

If we can’t look to Oracle for reliable answers, and the market offers little information, what do we know?  In 2017 TRI noticed that our partners in Brazil, namely the third-party tax reporting solution providers who interface with Oracle to help meet local tax reporting requirements, began developing the interfaces that will be required to connect Oracle ERP cloud to their tax reporting solutions.  In the case of Compliance Soluções em Tecnologia e Serviços, TRI’s software factory worked together with Oracle in Brazil to develop and certify the integrations needed.  Helping key third-party software providers prepare is a concrete indication that Oracle feels they are close to being ready for a major release, and it would be reasonable to expect that the number of early adopters of Oracle’s Cloud solution for Brazil will continue to grow in 2018.

TRI, a Peloton Consulting Group company  is an Oracle Gold Partner that currently supports more than 50 of the largest global multinationals running Oracle EBS in Brazil today.  None have given us any indication that they will be implementing Oracle’s cloud solution in Brazil in the near term.  Still, some are beginning to do their own research in order to gather the best information available for mid and long-term planning.  A Sr. Applications Project Manager at one fortune 100 company recently reached out to ask us for a list of all multi-national companies running some portion of Oracle ERP cloud in Brazil today.  Their IT group is ready to put a major cloud project on their roadmap, but is waiting to hear more about when the product will be ready to support their business model in Brazil. Another CEO in São Paulo, who asked to remain anonymous, recently commented, “It will be five more years before the Oracle Cloud wave reaches Brazil.”

At TRI a Peloton Consulting Group company our founding vision was to create a team in Brazil who would be best positioned to provide the very best level of service, and therefore value, to our clients.  We know that Oracle ERP Cloud is coming.  We will continue to watch the market, and our delivery group is actively obtaining Oracle ERP Cloud certifications.  When our clients are ready, we will be able to show them the way in Brazil.

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