Toyota Boshoku do Brasil Cuts Manufacturing Test Processing Time in Half

The Toyota Boshoku group develops seats that elicit the maximum potential of each car, seats that make the vehicle easier to drive and that ensure the ultimate in comfort and pleasure. They aim to develop seats that provide comfort and safety for everyone in mobility in any setting around the world.

Business Challenges

  • Storage Scalability & Cost Efficiency – Faced with the need for frequent storage expansion to support business growth, Toyota Boshoku do Brasil was confronting the dual challenges of managing costs and adapting to technical changes. This situation necessitated a flexible storage solution that could scale without disproportionate expenses.
  • Risk Management & Disaster Recovery – Running the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) on local servers without a disaster recovery plan exposed Toyota Boshoku do Brasil to significant business continuity risks.
  • Infrastructure Modernization  – The existing EBS was deployed on BareMetal servers, necessitating a complex migration to retire aging hardware. This presented an opportunity for modernization but also required careful planning to avoid disruptions and additional hardware investments.


  • Strategic Cloud Adoption – Leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s (OCI) advanced capabilities, we delivered a scalable and cost-effective cloud environment tailored for Toyota Boshoku do Brasil. By harnessing the expertise of Oracle’s leading database and ERP professionals, we provided a seamless transition to the cloud, enabling dynamic resource allocation and scalability.
  • Comprehensive Cloud Services – Utilizing OCI’s suite of services — including EBS Cloud Manager, Oracle Database Services, Backup Cloud, and a robust network infrastructure — we fortified Toyota Boshoku do Brasil’s operations with unparalleled security and governance. This strategic overhaul introduced high-performance computing resources and flexible cloud storage options, thereby eliminating the need for physical hardware investment.


  • Performance Boost – Slashed manufacturing test processing time by 50%, driving efficiency.
  • Effortless Scaling – EBS Cloud Manager made instance cloning 90% faster, streamlining operations.
  • Agile Infrastructure – OCI’s flexibility facilitated immediate capacity adjustments, sidestepping extensive hardware investments.
  • Robust Continuity – Established EBS DR in OCI, fortifying business continuity safeguards.
  • Streamlined Operations – Management can now leverage OCI’s efficiency to swiftly adapt strategies, ensuring Toyota Boshoku’s competitive edge in the high-tech automotive industry.


Date: March 27, 2024

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