Navigating the Challenges of the High Tech Industry

The high tech industry continues to transform the business landscape and the ways that businesses can adapt their strategies leveraging the power of technology. From web 2.0 to cloud computing to tablets – the industry is rapidly and continuously evolving. Not only do all high-tech companies need to manage increased technology convergence and standardization, executives must address changing revenue models, increased customer power, and strong price competition.

High Tech Value Chain

  • Financial Planning

    Financial Planning

    Developing Financial Plans both annually and quarterly that align with both consumer demand, cfo financials forecasts, and supply plans and constraints are key to hit margins and projections.

  • Subscription Modeling

    Subscription Modeling

    Subscription Billing is a critical solution for high tech organizations both in the SAAS space, and high-tech companies providing a recurring service to their clients.

  • Enterprise Data Model and Analytics

    Enterprise Data Model and Analytics

    Synchronizing product data models both from a finance and back office helps drive modernization, and hierarchy management across the Enterprise to determine overall product reporting and analytics.

  • Supply Chain &  Logistics

    Supply Chain & Logistics

    Optimizing the supply chain planning process from by reviewing current inventory analysis and manufacturing projects based on customer demand.

  • Cost Modeling

    Cost Modeling

    Semiconductor and electronic component organizations constantly develop new product cost models and need to determine both margin, and standard cost analysis as part of their product evolution.

High Tech Insight

Digital Transformation is providing technology organizations the opportunity to modernize their business across all core business functions, with a focus on improving margin through seamless back-office operations, employee efficiency, enhanced analytics, integrated supply chain planning with a core emphasis on innovation to the consumer both internal and external. High Tech organizations are constantly looking for innovation, and advancement in their evolution to stay ahead of the game and be competitive, Oracle cloud is constantly being modernized with new enhancements such as AI.

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