Fujitsu Drives Operational Excellence with SCM Order Management Cloud

Business Challenges

  • Running the business on outdated and integrated financial systems
  • Custom B2B Portal – had previously developed a custom B2B portal to support their customers, but the system was slow, costly to maintain and lacked real-time data
  • Need to improve order capture and fulfillment execution
  • Complex Order fulfillment, shipment optimizations, pricing
  • Lack of visibility into shipments and accessing real-time updates about the status of each shipment, and receive alerts when issues arise


  • Oracle SCM Order Management Cloud
    • To replace the custom B2B and B2C system, Fujitsu chose to leverage the best-in-class Commerce Cloud capabilities to replace the coree-commerce
      functionality of their portal integrated with Order Management Cloud to drive complex business orchestration process for fulfillment.


  • Improved fill rate by reducing fulfillment cycle
  • Streamlined a complete E-commerce to fulfillment to cash processes
  • Improved customer experience due to global order processing
  • Enhanced shipping rule, freight and promotions offering
  • Automated EDI transmissions of the sales orders, drop shipments & invoicing

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