Edmunds.com Accelerates Subscriptions and Revenue Processes with Peloton Consulting Group and OraclePodcast

Edmunds.com is a leading automotive information website, providing data on vehicle transactions, specifications, incentives, and more. They serve millions of visitors each month and empower shoppers to buy smarter with instant, upfront prices for cars and trucks for sale at 10,000 dealer franchises across the U.S.

Tune in to this Oracle Partner Perspectives Podcast featuring Peloton Consulting Group’s Senior Vice President and ERP Practice Lead Matthew Conner as he highlights how Peloton partnered with Edmunds.com to help boost their growth and revenue, making Edmunds.com the very first customer in the world live on Oracle Subscription Management.

The podcast dives into how Edmunds.com successfully deployed Oracle Subscription Management Cloud along with its existing Oracle Cloud ERP & HCM applications, for a fully integrated suite, enabling accelerated subscription services and significant decrease in billing processing time.

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