Navigating the Challenges of the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

On the path to more consistent performance, CPG companies began to reinvest in the core capabilities that differentiated them from the competition—while continuing to manage costs. Then chaos occurred, and CPG companies were forced into reactionary mode vs rethinking their strategy. Going forward they need to balance long and short-term perspectives, reclaiming the strategic high ground.

CPG Value Chain

  • Consumer Centric Growth

    Consumer Centric Growth

    Understanding and meeting the consumer needs by predictive and prescriptive insights, mass personalization, and speed-of-thought commerce tracking. To deliver a connected consumer experience, supply chains must be tailored and responsive

  • Marketing & New Products

    Marketing & New Products

    Development of new products for introduction to the marketplace, creation of customer awareness and generating customer demand

  • Manufacturing Capacity &  Production Planning

    Manufacturing Capacity & Production Planning

    Capital investment in manufacturing capacity to produce new and existing products. Operational production pillars driven by available production capacity, inventory, and short-term demand

  • Supply Chain

    Supply Chain

    Development of seamless, end-to-end connectivity across the entire supply chain that can ensure market signals are instantly communicated and acted upon with the speed and agility of market demands

  • Distribution & Service

    Distribution & Service

    Provision products to end-customers, service to ensure expected product life and performance

Consumer Packaged Goods Insight

In today's rapidly evolving retail landscape, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies are faced with the challenge of meeting the increasing demands of consumers while staying ahead of the competition. To succeed in this industry, CPG companies must be agile and responsive, using data and technology to drive their decision-making and enhance their operations. Our team of experts understand the complexities of the CPG industry, from supply chain management to consumer experience, and are equipped to help companies make the most of their investments in technology and optimize their operations for maximum impact. Whether it's through improving inventory management, enhancing consumer engagement, or streamlining the supply chain, Peloton Consulting is committed to delivering real results
for CPG companies.

  • Eric Kauffman
  • Loren Joski
Manufacturing & CPG Portfolio Group

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