Program and Change Management helps $10B+ refreshment services company reduce manual effort during invoice creation, collections and cash application

Business Challenges

  • Geographic Disbursement – Geographically dispersed brick and motor facilities support their local customers and each perform their own AR activities.
  • Antiquated Current Systems – The current system required significant manual intervention throughout the invoice creation, collections and cash application processes.
  • Process Variations – Due to the geographic disbursement and level of manual effort required in the invoice to cash process, there was no formal standardized process adopted across all Service Centers


  • Stakeholder Interviews – Conducted thorough Stakeholder interviews of local facilities involved with the project to understand the greatest impacts and risks to the initiative and counteract them.
  • Identify Process Changes – Mapped the standardized future state process that will be adopted by all AR resources in the future to quickly identify gaps and large areas of change.
  • Facilitate Change Journey – Established the change management approach for the program based off the analysis of the stakeholder interviews to determine what approach fit their environment of change best.
  • Internal and External Communication Plan and Approach – Developed an internal and external communication plan leveraging multiple communication channels to ensure all those impacted were engaged and aware of the pending change and who to contact for information.

Solution and Impact

  • Standardized Process – Developed a standardized, scalable process that reduced manual effort during invoice creation, collections and cash application.
  • Streamlined Customer Experience – Customers were able to leverage new capabilities to pay their invoices.
  • Unified Customer Support – Customers received the same messaging and knew who to contact in the event of questions leading to customers receiving unified, consistent support.

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