Peloton Consulting Group Joins NetSuite Alliance Partner Program

Digital Transformation Leader Launches Oracle NetSuite Advisory and Implementation Services. Peloton Consulting Group is excited to announce its participation in the  NetSuite Alliance Partner Program. With the official launch of our Oracle NetSuite Advisory and Implementation Services, we are proud to strengthen our position as a leading provider of digital transformation services. This expansion enables […]

Managed Services One Pager

Oracle and Peloton share a long history of working together to help customers succeed. Our shared commitment to innovation and customer success drives our approach to digital transformation. We can help you connect all parts of your enterprise, bring consistent processes and a single source of truth across all your essential business functions, and accelerate […]

Bridging the Gap: How Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM Overcomes Traditional Supply Chain Management Systems’ Shortcomings White Paper

The demand on an organization’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) is increasing as clients and customers have growing expectations and requests. To support this increasing demand, organizations are depending on the latest technology developments to optimize their processes. With the evolution of cloud products, organizations continue to lean on Oracle’s SCM applications to provide them with […]

Integrated Business Planning and ExecutionWhite Paper

As both supply chain and finance increase their value to the business by leveraging more comprehensive and specialized solutions, often they are at best partially aligned and sometimes working from different plans. Ultimately, bottom line profits suffer as unneeded friction is put into the business. The solution to this problem is to create an integrated […]

Internet of Things for ManufacturingWhite Paper

The problem is waste. Waste in the form of maintenance and repairs. Waste in the form of quality costs. Waste in the form of overtime and expedites associated with handling the unforeseen. All of these problems are inherent to manufacturing processes and equipment where appropriate feedback loops and controls are insufficient. The Internet of Things […]

Project Driven Supply ChainWhite Paper

The global economy has become increasingly interconnected with competition requiring companies to develop reliable and responsive supply chain management strategies, processes, and systems in order to to stay competitive and profitable on an international scale. Oracle’s Cloud platform with Project Driven Supply Chain (PDSC) is the end-to-end solution required to efficiently tackle the challenges experienced […]

Supply Chain CollaborationWhite Paper

Today’s supply chains often include globalization, outsourcing, and digital framework. Recent advances in lean tools and supply chain planning-execution applications have enabled effective collaboration that can be the difference between success and failure. Oracle Cloud Supply Chain collaboration engages your trading partners in decision-making to reduce the impact of supply chain disruptions. Download Pelotons Supply […]

Adaptive Digital Supply ChainWhite Paper

For most organizations, supply chain strategies and capabilities are not fully aligned to address today’s realities at a corporate, regional, and technical level. This gap inhibits organizations’ adaptability to major supply chain disruptions we are all faced with today. To be successful, organizations need to manage the balance between cost effectiveness and risk mitigation by […]

The Next Frontier for FP&A: Succesfully Navigating the Brave New World and the Essential Role of Oracle EPM CloudWebinar

As the role of Finance evolves, many organizations continue to invest heavily in FP&A functionality to achieve more strategic insights and advance future planning capabilities. With the continuously changing economic landscape, business leaders cannot afford to overlook irreversible changes concerning the ways in which they operate. Tune in to the pre-recorded webinar ‘The Next Frontier […]

Oracle HCM Cloud New Hire Journeys Video

Oracle HCM Journeys help your employees make every day a success by giving them the resources they need to tackle challenges—no matter where they are or how they work. View Peloton Consulting Group’s HCM Director, Rebecca Magistad deliver step-by-step guidance to walk employees through events as diverse as onboarding, launching a new benefit, or growing their career.

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