Peloton Consulting Group Invests in Employee Experience and Career Development with Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM

A leading consulting services firm expands its Oracle Fusion Applications footprint to drive innovation, streamline HR processes, and boost employee experience.


BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2024 — Peloton Consulting Group, a recognized leader in digital transformation and consulting services, is proud to announce its successful deployment of Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM). This strategic investment is designed to enhance and streamline HR operations while significantly improving the employee experience. This decision underscores Peloton’s commitment to creating an exceptional workplace by investing in the growth and development of its employees.

“At Peloton, our employees are our most valuable asset, which is why investing in their growth, development, and overall experience is critical,” shared Kristen Connell, Chief Human Resources Officer at Peloton Consulting Group. “After evaluating several options, Oracle Cloud HCM was the clear choice due to its enhanced AI capabilities and user-friendly suite of applications. We are excited to streamline our talent management, performance management, and onboarding processes, significantly enhancing our workforce development. The Absence Management and Recruiting modules will further improve efficiency and provide a seamless experience for our employees. They’ll now be set up to focus on their growth and deliver exceptional service to our clients.”

“We believe that a great employee experience leads to an amazing customer experience,” said Matthew Conner, Chief Customer Officer of Peloton Consulting Group. “By integrating Oracle Cloud HCM into our operations, we invest in our employees’ growth and satisfaction. That investment enables us to continue to deliver exceptional customer service to our clients.”

Key Benefits of Oracle Cloud HCM for Peloton Consulting Group

-Excitement Around AI Integration ~ Oracle Cloud HCM’s integration of AI capabilities is an exciting aspect for Peloton. These features will enable more personalized employee experiences and provide predictive analytics to understand workforce trends and needs better.

-Improved Performance Management ~ Oracle Cloud HCM will enhance Peloton’s ability to manage and improve employee performance through comprehensive tools and analytics, ensuring that performance reviews are effective and aligned with organizational goals.

-Enhanced Talent Management ~ Oracle Cloud HCM will streamline Peloton’s talent management processes, making attracting and retaining top talent easier. The Core Talent module offers comprehensive tools for tracking and developing employee skills, ensuring our workforce remains competitive and capable of meeting clients’ needs.

-Efficient Onboarding ~ The Onboarding module will ensure that new hires are integrated smoothly and quickly into the organization. By automating the onboarding process, Peloton can provide new employees a seamless start, enhancing their early experiences and productivity.

-Advanced Absence Management and Recruiting ~ The Absence Management module will offer a robust framework for managing employee leave, ensuring accurate tracking and compliance with various regulations. The Recruiting module will streamline hiring, helping Peloton efficiently identify and onboard the best candidates.

“Our alliance with Oracle continues to grow and strengthen. By expanding and investing in our Oracle Fusion Application footprint, we improve our business operations and efficiencies while gaining firsthand experience with Oracle technology,” stated Guy F. Daniello, CEO and Founder of Peloton Consulting Group. “Using Oracle Cloud ERP and now Oracle Cloud HCM solutions day in and day out, we are in a better position to help our customers digitally transform, innovate, and grow their businesses.”


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