Navigating the Challenges of the Professional Services Industry

Fierce competition, project management, resource planning, and human capital management are some of the major challenges facing professional services firms. Leaders are leveraging technologies that help them become more efficient and effective with data while also improving operations. As a result, leaders are better at understanding client needs, identifying opportunities for growth, and achieving profitability.

Professional Services Value Chain

  • Client Acquisition

    Client Acquisition

    Competition is high, time is limited, and skills are a valuable commodity. Companies that can get the maximum possible value out of their time can transfer that to the client, providing better services than their competition to grow their base.

  • Project Effectiveness

    Project Effectiveness

    Cloud gives organizations a complete view of staffing needs and project status from centralized dashboards. Firms can define roles and forecast resources for more-efficient utilization and profitable delivery.

  • Client Billing & Support

    Client Billing & Support

    Technology provides clients with flexible billing and revenue recognition that enables clients to confidently accelerate business transformation.

  • Sales, Margin, & Profitability

    Sales, Margin, & Profitability

    Profit margin is essential for achieving growth targets – services companies are focused on improving profitability by managing operational costs and gaining better insight into margin and profit on every engagement.

  • Digital


    Many professional services companies and looking ahead to the future. Their clients want access anytime, from anywhere. From tax automation to legal services, the organizations are focused on digital offerings to growth.

Professional Services Insight

The Professional Services industry is facing significant challenges as clients demand more value, efficiency, and transparency in their services. Firms in this industry are grappling with how to increase productivity, manage talent, and expand their digital capabilities to meet these demands. Peloton Consulting is helping these firms tackle these challenges by partnering with them to implement best-in-class technology solutions, such as Enterprise Performance Management and Enterprise Resource Planning tools. Our focus on change management and digital adoption helps our clients to not only achieve their goals, but also ensure their entire organization is equipped to thrive in the future.

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