EPM Cloud Migration Delivers Significant Benefits for Professional Services Firm

Business Challenges

  • Outdated Hardware & Software: Hyperion was running an outdated version of Windows OS, causing performance, stability, security issues. The goal was to decrease spending by removing reliance on their on-premise infrastructure
  • Value Identified for Leveraging Cloud Allocation Solution: Current allocation process lacked transparency and was difficult to maintain, which highlighted
    the value of leveraging a purpose built cloud solution that was part of the Oracle Enterprise Subscription
  • Lack of Transparency & Scalability: Needed a dedicated tool for allocations to increase transparency and minimize risks while also reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) that would enable cost-effective support for growth
  • Limited User Enablement: Lack of functionality, process flexibility, and heavy reliance of IT support


  • Oracle EPM Cloud Planning – Migrated 7+ Planning Applications to an Enterprise Cloud Planning Environment, that met all functionality needs including planning forms, reporting, data and metadata loads
  • Profitability & Cost Management – Replaced their current allocations process with a purpose built allocation engine that resulted in resource pool sharing, inter-company rebates, and global expense allocations
  • Recommended Enhancements in Cloud Planning Environment – Provided weekly hands-on education sessions to support the organization in optimizing their usage of the features of the cloud environment by prototyping areas of the solution that would benefit them


  • Eliminated Expenses Associated with On-Premise Servers– Reduced costs by migrating Planning to the cloud, reducing server and support costs
  • Visibility, Flexibility & Maintainability of Allocation Solution– Increased visibility into the allocations process, along with the ability for the solution to evolve with the growing organization and the ability to more easily maintain the companies allocations through the usage of Profitability & Cost Management
  • User Enablement– Enhanced user functionality and experience
  • Cost Reduction– Significantly lowered maintenance costs

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