Navigating the Challenges of the Life Sciences Industry

Industry dynamics, competition, changing regulations, and newly empowered patients are all driving change for the Life Sciences industry. Due to increasing innovations in information technology, healthcare infrastructure, and active participation by private players, the biotech industry has witnessed incredible growth during the past few years.

Life Sciences Business Value Chain

  • Drug Discovery

    Drug Discovery

    Managing spending, and tracking expenses are key to managing high cost, and long timelines for drug discovery

  • Pre-Clinical


    Develop models for tracking spending, project tracking, partner models & expenditures based on current trends.

  • Clinical Trial Planning

    Clinical Trial Planning

    Comprehensive modeling is key to managing the clinical trial planning as the drugs progress through launch.

  • Launch


    Developing and configuring the proper financial models around Financial Planning, Revenue Planning, Workforce Planning, and Capital Project Planning

  • Grow and Expand

    Grow and Expand

    Preparing for commercialization and hiring additional employees is key, while continuing to grow and evaluating new investment opportunities through effective financial management

Life Sciences Insight

As the world moves towards personalized medicine and increased focus on patient outcomes, Life Sciences companies are looking for ways to remain competitive and ahead of the curve. Our Life Sciences clients are leveraging technology to increase efficiency, enhance patient engagement, and create new products and services. Additionally, many companies in this industry are also facing challenges around compliance and regulations, which can impact the speed and agility of their operations. By working with Peloton, Life Sciences clients are able to tackle these challenges head on, while staying focused on their ultimate goal of improving patient health and outcomes.

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