Navigating the Challenges of the Construction and
Engineering Industry

As access to advanced technology in the Construction and Engineering industry becomes even more ubiquitous—drones, robotics, and reality capture among them—every facet of a project seemingly offers data that can be analyzed to make jobsites safer, more predictable, sustainable, and more efficient.

Construction and Engineering Services Value Chain

  • Portfolio and Project Management

    Portfolio and Project Management

    Portfolio planning and project selection by using relevant current and past project data to ensure consistent alignment between capital programs and organizational goals. Schedule Management, Front-End Loading (FEL), Risk Management and Measurement of Physical Progress.

  • Project Budget

    Project Budget

    Budget management, cost control and cash flow view with automatic “bottom-up” consolidation and “top-down” allocation management.

  • Contracts and Metering

    Contracts and Metering

    Management of contracts and metering with contractors' collaboration, ensuring the traceability of the process and payment of contractors according to contractual clauses.

  • Construction Management

    Construction Management

    Management all processes involved in large-scale constructions in the following markets: energy, manufacturing, oil & gas, chemical, etc.

  • Facilities and Asset Management

    Facilities and Asset Management

    Facilities management administers tasks, including service requests, preventive and corrective maintenance, inventory, inspections, and facility condition assessments, while supporting audits and automated reporting.

Construction and Engineering Insight

The construction industry is looking at how they can better use their data because risk is going up in the construction business, and technology has become a way to mitigate risk and use this data in ways that go beyond just a project. The most interesting in the construction and engineering industry, in the last couple of years, is a pivot toward sustainability. If you think about it, we're really seeing a third aspect of project delivery being considered by a lot of our owners and our clients. As we work with them to understand their priorities, they really want the ability to minimize cost, minimize schedule, but now they want to minimize carbon footprint, minimize waste, and some of the other aspects of the projects that we're developing. We think that's going to be key in terms of how we develop projects in the future in terms of iterating on cost, iterating on schedule, and then iterating on sustainability aspects to provide the most efficient solution for our clients. At Peloton, our goal is to help our Construction and Engineering clients navigate these challenges by leveraging our expertise in Projects and AMS
(Application Management Services).

  • David Saggioro
Construction & Engineering Portfolio Group

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