People, process, and technology improvements help $8B Auto Manufacturer decrease forecasting planning time by 45%

Business Challenge

  • People Not Optimally Engaged – Severely depleted Finance organization, little-to-no institutional knowledge/experience with core planning processes, resources lacked end-to-end business value chain perspectives
  • Manually Intensive Processes – Exceedingly long cycle times, planning process focused on excruciating detail, heavy focus on non-value added intercompany trading detail, disconnect between process outputs & meaningful analysis perspectives
  • Enabling Technology Inefficiencies – Highly disjointed series of point solutions, lack of alignment to current business model, system performance failed to meet process cycle time needs, dependent on institutional knowledge


  • Integrated Business Planning – Eliminated organizational siloes in support of planning processes, clarified accountability for process outputs, facilitated organizational process and business model learnings
  • Streamlined Processes – Re-engineered end-to-end planning & reporting processes, streamlined, simplified & increased business relevance of process outputs, documented end-to-end process playbook
  • Enabling Technology Improvements – Implemented planning & reporting applications to facilitate driver-based approach for volume, revenue, and expenses. Aligned planning & reporting with necessary business perspectives, as well as the business value chain


  • Increased organizational knowledge, skill & redundancy
    • Integrated, holistic business planning drives better, more connected decision making
    • Documented business planning playbook provides buffer against organizational turnover
  • Process efficiency, alignment & relevance
    • Decreased planning cycle times by 45% for forecasting processes
    • Improved product profitability via enhanced Model Profile used for planning & analytics
    • Facilitated streamlined & relevant price-volume-mix variance analysis & explanations
  • Enabling technology adoption, sustainability, cost reduction
    • Planning & reporting applications reflect real-world business model & operations
    • Significant maintenance cost reduction through improved alignment & simplification

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