Planning, budgeting, forecasting, and management reporting. Integrated Business Planning (IBP) connects every business function to make informed decisions and drive faster, more efficient planning processes.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Streamline the budgeting and planning life-cycle while significantly increasing value what-if analysis and scenario forecasting to optimize resources and optimize decision making for P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow planning.

Expense Planning

Significantly streamline the time and effort associated with expense planning, optimizing effectiveness and accuracy by leveraging driver based methods.

Sales Forecasting

Data driven analysis to more accurately forecast sales results and provide actionable insights, leveraging CRM systems for a comprehensive view of opportunities and customers.

Workforce Planning

Plan workforce needs for recruiting, to-be-hired, existing employees and temporary staff. Align resources with the dynamic needs of the business, while analyzing expenses and productivity.

Project Planning

Optimize financial and resource performance of projects to ensure business strategy is executed efficiently optimizing business performance.

Capital Planning

Provide planning and management of the capital assets of the organization, supporting new investment decisions and accurately forecasting the cost and useful life of assets in service.

Demand Planning

Dramatically improve sales processes while reducing cost and enhancing customer satisfaction through statistical forecasting of new, existing and end-of-life products.

Supply Chain Planning

Ensure organizations plan, visualize and understand the supply chain from operations to production planning. Actively manage inventory, order needs, and capacity to make decisions.

Incentive Compensation

Design and deploy sales performance and compensations plans in alignment with strategic objectives and go-to-market strategy.

Quota Planning

Leverage drivers to optimize quotas that will increase sales performance and effectively distribute accounts among sales representatives, enabling sales leaders to drive financial results.

Territory Management

Improve accuracy and management of sales forecasting with structured and streamlined data, processes, and reporting.

Customer Segmentation and Analysis

Significantly increase insights into new markets, products, and revenue opportunities for sales leaders. Segment, score and analyze customers to focus the sales organization on most profitable opportunities.

Case Studies & Customer Success