Mobilization and roadmap helps $1b not-for-profit charity set foundation for integrated business planning

Business Challenge

  • Disparate, Siloed Systems – Existing business planning calendar was disjointed and misaligned
  • Time Consuming and Labor Intensive Activities – Corporate Plan was disconnected from other planning activities, required excessive effort to complete, and often superseded other activities
  • Lack of Agility – Organization lacked flexibility in budget plans and re-allocating resources
  • Limited and Inconsistent Controls – Lack of clarity around process timing, roles/responsibilities, inputs/outputs. Incomplete and inconsistent utilization of tools, templates, and frameworks supporting core planning activities


  • Mobilization – Peloton conducted deep-dive sessions with Executive Team to understand the current planning processes, identify pain points & improvement opportunities, define key business requirements, introduce best practices, and co-develop an improved planning environment
  • Enhanced Planning Timeline – Collaboratively developed a new integrated business planning calendar and management cadence for the next planning cycle
  • Established Actionable Roadmap – Identified a series of initiatives and established a high-level multi-phase roadmap for advancing and improving the Integrated Business Planning Process


  • Increased Visibility – Established an awareness and understanding across the management team regarding the challenges with the existing processes and the potential for significant opportunities across the organization
  • Greater Efficiency – Created a compelling case for change including tangible examples of how an Integrated Business Planning process would improve the efficiency & effectiveness of planning and enhance decision making capabilities
  • Established a Foundation for Future Growth – Organization now has a transformation roadmap for achieving the desired end-state planning and performance management environment

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