With so many touchpoints in the today’s digital marketplace, can your business effectively understand customer engagement and take action to make the most of the customer experience?

By unifying your back-office systems with your front-office applications, Peloton Consulting Group can align your organization around your customers to ensure you’re taking the necessary action – from acquisition to retention – to help you build and manage lasting customer relationships.


Deliver responsive selling across all touchpoints. A modern, unified selling and buying approach connects sales and commerce to service, marketing, and the entire customer experience.

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

Flexible and scalable pricing and quotes solution to support companies that sell all varieties of products and services across direct, indirect, and ecommerce sales channels.


Leverage buyer signals to increase customer engagement and boost online sales and create innovative brand experiences designed to meet the unique demands of your business.


Knowledge-driven interactions and automation to personalize service engagements across any channel with connected experiences to both consumers and businesses.

Subscription Management

Establish a predictable, recurring revenue model with an end-to-end solution across sales, commerce, and service channels. Integrate front-and back-office processes to manage contracts, billing, and revenue with a complete view of your customers’ purchasing behavior. Manage modifications and changes as your customers initiate, renew, upgrade, and alter their subscriptions.

Case Studies & Customer Success