At Peloton, we are focused on working with clients to drive growth, enhance performance, and lead digital transformation. Our team has strong business process expertise and the ability to bridge the gap between people, process and technology. The following insights have been cultivated to help you better understand the opportunities, issues and challenges in realizing digital transformation.

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Peloton Consulting Oracle Redwood Checklist
Future Technology 3D Concept: Automated Retail Warehouse AGV Robots with Infographics Delivering Cardboard Boxes in Distribution Logistics Center. Automated Guided Vehicles Goods, Products, Packages
Bridging the Gap: How Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM Overcomes Traditional Supply Chain Management Systems’ Shortcomings White Paper
Integrated Business Planning and ExecutionWhite Paper
Internet of Things for ManufacturingWhite Paper
Project Driven Supply ChainWhite Paper
Supply Chain CollaborationWhite Paper
Adaptive Digital Supply ChainWhite Paper
EBS vs. Oracle ERP Cloud Functional ComparisonWebinar
JDE vs. Oracle ERP Cloud Functional ComparisonWebinar

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