At Peloton, we are focused on working with clients to drive growth, enhance performance, and lead digital transformation. Our team has strong business process expertise and the ability to bridge the gap between people, process and technology. The following insights have been cultivated to help you better understand the opportunities, issues and challenges in realizing digital transformation.

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Global network connection. World map point and line composition concept of global business. Vector Illustration
Peloton Consulting Group Invests in Employee Experience and Career Development with Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM
Screenshot-2024-04-11-at-10.42.35 AM
Peloton Helps Accelerate Adoption of Oracle’s Redwood Experience
Choose the correct answer on the exam. Questionnaire with checkboxes, filling survey form online.
Peloton Consulting Oracle Redwood Checklist
Target customer concept. Stand out from the crowd and be individual..
Peloton Consulting Group Chosen as Premier Latin American Partner for Oracle HCM Now
Technology network background concept. Global network. Big data and cybersecurity. Transfer and storage of data sets, blockchain. Abstract connected dots and lines network background. 3D illustration.
HCM Breakaway Now for Latin America – Portuguese
Global network connection. Abstract geometric background with connecting dots and lines. Digital technology and communication concept
HCM Breakaway Now for Latin America – Spanish
Document Management System (DMS) concept. Businessman using e-pen create documents file with computer show virtual screen. Data transfer backup, File Sharing, Document Transferring concept.
HCM Accelerator: Oracle Cloud Recruit to Hire
Businessman working on laptop with virtual screen. Online documentation database, IT consultant being set up Virtual Document Management System with laptop,Software for archiving corporate files.
HCM Accelerator: Oracle Cloud Journeys & Connections
businessman working with business Analytics and Data Management System on computer, online document management and metrics connected to database. Corporate strategy for finance, operations, sales.
HCM Accelerator: Oracle Cloud Enhanced Recruiting
Analyst working with Business Analytics and Data Management System on computer, making report with KPI and metrics connected to database. Corporate strategy for finance, operations, sales, marketing
HCM Accelerator: Oracle Cloud Recruiting Booster

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