What Finance Leaders Need to Know about Scenario PlanningWebinar

The more CFOs take responsibility for preparing their companies for the future, the more they are leading their companies’ efforts to plan for a wide range of scenarios, including scenarios their companies have not yet experienced but still have to be ready for. Whether equipping their companies to weather the effects of economic headwinds or adapt to sudden spikes in demand, CFOs are emerging as the best defense against uncertainty in an increasingly unpredictable business climate.

View this webcast on-demand to learn:

  • How to determine which types of scenarios to plan for,
  • How to apply recent technological advances, including those in predictive analytics, to support scenario planning,
  • Best practices for developing effective responses to scenarios for which your company prepares, and
  • How CFOs can take the lead in enabling their companies to anticipate a variety of potential outcomes – both positive and negative – before they occur.

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