Rapid Implementation: Revolutionizing ERP Projects

With over 1,000 Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) customers in the market right now, it is no secret that Cloud ERP systems are quickly gaining popularity. The traction that these implementations are getting – and will continue to receive – is big enough to make C-level Executives turn their heads and wonder what they will miss out on if they do not keep up with the competition.

One of the biggest benefits of Cloud ERP versus on-premise is the lower price and shorter implementation timeline. The configuration process has been revolutionized with the support of Rapid Implementation worksheets enabling consultants to configure in a week what used to take much longer. Using just one macro-enabled Excel workbook, the entire enterprise structure and chart of accounts – once designed properly – can be uploaded with the click of a button.

It is truly the customer who benefits from the efficiency of Rapid Implementation sheets, with faster implementations and shorter build phases there is more time for design and requirements gathering to ensure that the structure meets and exceeds our client’s business needs. With the Rapid Implementation spreadsheets clients are encouraged to assess their current business structure and incorporate best practices necessary to refine and streamline their business processes.

Cloud ERP is changing the implementation world as we know it, and Rapid Implementation sheets are just one example of how Oracle is leading the revolution. Oracle Cloud ERP provides customers the opportunity to completely transform their day to day processes and overall enterprise structure from a simple lift and shift to an entire financial transformation – the possibilities are endless!

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