Peloton Consulting Group Unveils Tailored Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM Solution Accelerators for the Retail Sector

Digital Transformation Leader Helps Retailers Digitally Transform and Implement Oracle Cloud EPM Quickly and Efficiently
“These Innovative Accelerators Cater To The Unique Needs Of The Retail Industry.”
— Rob Caruso, SVP of Peloton Consulting Group’s Retail Practice


BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, January 12, 2024 — Peloton Consulting Group proudly announces the launch of its Retail Implementation Accelerators, a suite of specialized industry-enabling services designed exclusively for Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM solutions. These innovative accelerators cater to the unique needs of the retail industry. Now retailers can enhance transparency, increase efficiency, and streamline their financial planning, reconciliation, consolidation, and close.

The Retail Implementation Accelerator offerings include:
-Oracle Cloud Account Reconciliation Accelerator for Retail
-Oracle Cloud Financial Planning Solution Accelerator for Retail
-Oracle Cloud Financial Consolidation & Close Accelerator for Retail

“We are excited to introduce three industry-specialized Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM Accelerators, specifically designed to address the daily challenges retailers encounter,” explains Rob Caruso, Senior Vice President of Peloton Consulting Group’s Retail Practice. “Understanding the complexities retailers navigate, these innovative accelerators prioritize streamlining financial operations and meeting essential requirements. By optimizing investments in Oracle Cloud EPM, our goal is to support retailers in adapting efficiencies, enhancing profitability, and elevating the quality of customer experiences.”


Key Accelerator Benefits:

-Account Reconciliation Accelerator for Retail: Retailers managing account reconciliation processes face challenges associated with credit cards, cash and banking, balance sheets, and other reconciliations. Peloton Consulting Group assists retailers in implementing best practices, leveraging technology solutions, fostering collaboration among departments, and maintaining rigorous controls. Now retailers can optimize account reconciliation processes’ accuracy, efficiency, and compliance, fostering informed decision-making and sustainable growth.

-Financial Planning Solution Accelerator for Retail: Managing retail financial planning demands precision, agility, and foresight. This solution leverages deep Oracle expertise and insights into retail-specific challenges such as Merchandise Financial Planning, Financial Planning, Store Operation Planning, and Labor Planning. Retailers are empowered to develop robust financial plans that can enhance performance, customer satisfaction, and sustainable growth in a competitive market landscape.

-Financial Consolidation & Close Accelerator for Retail: Retailers navigating the financial close process encounter complexities related to revenue recognition, inventory valuation, costing, and intercompany transactions. Peloton Consulting Group provides retailers with best practices implementation, leveraging advanced technologies and promoting cross-functional collaboration. Now retailers can enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and compliance of financial close processes, facilitating informed decision-making and sustainable growth.

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