Peloton Helps Accelerate Adoption of Oracle’s Redwood Experience

The Firm Introduces Three Oracle Redwood Accelerators


BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2024 — Peloton Consulting Group, a leader in digital transformation solutions, is excited to announce the launch of three Oracle Redwood Accelerators. These accelerators are designed to help organizations accelerate adoption and benefit from Oracle Cloud’s Enhanced Redwood Experience.

Redwood represents a revolutionary shift in cloud user experience, driven by Oracle Cloud HCM and extended across all Oracle Cloud applications. It offers enhanced user experience through upgrades in content display flexibility, dynamic dashboard features, and intuitive navigation. With its calming color palettes, modern icons, readable fonts, and unified search function, Redwood ensures a visually appealing and efficient user interaction.

By early 2025, all Oracle Cloud applications are expected to transition to Redwood, underscoring its significance in shaping the future of user experience and operational efficiency within the Oracle enterprise ecosystem. Peloton’s newly released accelerators will help customers implement Redwood quickly and efficiently to prepare them before the 2025 target date.

“At Peloton Consulting Group, we’re dedicated to supporting our customers through their digital transformation journey, starting with providing excellent user experiences. Our Redwood Accelerators demonstrate our commitment to simplifying the transition to Oracle Redwood,” explained Matthew Connor, Chief Customer Officer at Peloton Consulting Group. “By focusing on user experience, we empower our clients to improve satisfaction and optimize their investments.”

Peloton’s Oracle Redwood Accelerators provide pre-packaged service offerings tailored to streamline Oracle Redwood adoption. These accelerators offer predictable pricing and fixed-scope engagements to ensure a seamless transition. They provide organizations with a clear roadmap for transitioning to Oracle Redwood’s enhanced user experience, offering predefined deliverables and timelines. The three new accelerators include:

Redwood Seed Accelerator: A Quick Start for Oracle Redwood Experience. This four-week engagement is ideal for clients seeking a swift transition.

Redwood Grove Accelerator: Expanding the Oracle Redwood Experience. This six-week engagement includes additional testing and optimization for a seamless transition.

Redwood Forest Accelerator: A Complete Oracle Redwood Experience. This eight-week engagement provides comprehensive support for clients with complex personalization needs.

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