Peloton Consulting Group Chosen as Premier Latin American Partner for Oracle HCM Now

Launches Oracle HCM Breakaway Now Accelerators, Designed to Help Customers Streamline Implementation, Drive Adoption, and Increase Time-to-value


SãO PAULO, BRAZIL, April 4, 2024 — Peloton Consulting Group is pleased to announce its recent selection as a specialized partner for Oracle HCM Now in Brazil and the broader Latin American market. Oracle HCM Now is an implementation program for mid-enterprise organizations that delivers fast velocity by establishing foundational HR capabilities in six months or less. The program quickly gives mid-sized businesses a unified HCM cloud solution that helps companies attract, retain, and empower the best employees.

Additionally, Peloton Consulting Group is proud to announce the launch of Oracle HCM Breakaway Now Accelerators, designed to help customers streamline implementation processes, drive adoption rates, and maximize time-to-value for mid-sized companies across the Latin American market.

“The depth and strength of our partnership with Oracle in Latin America continues to be recognized,” said Guy Daniello, Peloton Consulting Group’s CEO. “We’re honored to be chosen as one of Oracle’s top strategic partners for the HCM Now initiative in the Latin America region.”

“Peloton’s HCM Breakaway Now Accelerators are designed to help companies in the region streamline implementation and rapidly realize business value,” said Marcos Nakano, Peloton Consulting Group’s Sales Leader in Latin America.

Key Features of Peloton HCM Breakaway Now Accelerators:

-Streamlined Implementation and Integration: Plug-and-play configurations facilitate seamless connection of HCM modules across the enterprise, ensuring consistent processes and a single source of truth.

-Drive Adoption: With over 250 successful HCM projects completed, Peloton empowers companies to effortlessly plan, develop, enhance, and manage Oracle Cloud HCM investments.

-Increased Time-to-Value: By automating tasks, optimizing workflows, and leveraging intelligent analytics, businesses achieve faster time-to-value and scalability.

-Transparent Scope and Pricing: Peloton HCM Breakaway Now Accelerators offer transparent pricing models, supporting financial planning and decision-making without uncertainties.

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