Execute Batch or Shell Processes DIRECTLY in Workspace Using Generic Job Applications

Hyperion Administrators and members of FP&A teams are frequently plagued by the inability to execute jobs and automation processes on their own schedules as they often are restricted to only application access, and must rely on the Information Technology teams to interact with server(s). The inability to automate tasks is impractical and leads to inefficiency, unnecessary delay, and risks to FP&A cycle time.

Within the Reporting and Analysis section in Workspace is powerful tool called Generic Job Applications that allows a user to execute a batch or shell process within Workspace on an ad-hoc or automation fashion. The Generic Job Application is hosted on the Workspace server and can be easily adapted to either Windows or Linux environment. Now Hyperion Administrators and the FP&A teams can easily proceed to process requirements.

Configured in Workspace, a Generic Job Application allows the execution of any batch or shell script directly in Hyperion Workspace. Automation processes that require additional files such as a properties file, MaxL, SQL, or even VBS scripts can be loaded in the Generic Job Application and executed in conjunction with the main job. Standard output and standard error logs are available to the Hyperion user for viewing in the Reporting Analysis Explore directory where it is possible to further segregate processes by creating additional folders for the various user groups and layer in security using the Schedule Manager role as necessary. Dynamic log purging can be enabled based on retention requirements to keep folders unpolluted.

All jobs can be scheduled using Generic Job Application’s built in scheduling tool; additionally, Generic Jobs can communicate with any remote server by leveraging PsExec or a JSP file. This flexibility allows the Generic Job Application to act as a pseudo automation hub for all Hyperion Administration and FP&A business activities. Implementing a Generic Job Application allows Hyperion Administrators and FP&A teams the freedom necessary to run jobs on their own schedule in order to meet their own deadlines. Without having to wait for IT departments, Hyperion Administrators can now reduce FP&A cycle time and greatly increase business efficiencies.

Benefits Include:

  • No IT dependencies
  • Server access not required
  • FP&A teams able to execute jobs at their discretion
  • Exponentially improve FP&A cycle time
  • Job log and error output is displayed immediately on screen in Workspace and able to be accessed at any time in the future
  • Not limited to Workspace/Planning tasks; can be leveraged across the entire EPM suite
  • Built in job scheduler
  • Security applied in the same manner as Financial Reporting

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