Energize JD Edwards Reporting and Analytics with Oracle Analytics CloudWebinar

JD Edwards empowers businesses by capturing data and managing complex processes, but some organizations need a heightened level of reporting and analytics capabilities that span across its environment.

During this webinar, Peloton’s Analytics Experts will demonstrate how to energize your JD Edwards environment with the power of Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Find out how to strengthen and build a more powerful JD Edwards environment with self-service reporting featuring enhanced visualizations, dash-boarding capabilities, and the ability to gather data from multiple sources and provide users with superior insight.

View the Advanced Analytics for JD Edwards to learn:

  • The Value & Benefits of Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) with Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) with JD Edwards
  • How Oracle Analytics Cloud and Autonomous Data Warehouse can enable Advanced Analytics with JD Edwards
  • Client Success with OAC and ADW with JDE at Bolthouse Farms

Complimentary Discovery Briefing

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