A CFO’s Guide to Driver-Based PlanningWebinar

A CFO’s Guide to Driver-Based Planning

Philip Peck, Vice President & Advisory Services Lead at Peloton Consulting Group

At a time when companies cannot rely on past performance to predict future outcomes, finance leaders are focusing more than ever on understanding the drivers that affect their companies’ performance. With ever-shrinking time horizons for making decisions, many finance leaders are replacing static annual budgets with driver-based planning. Yet despite having an abundance of data to work with, finance leaders often struggle to identify which drivers contribute the most to their companies’ overall health.

View the recording of this webinar to learn how to:

  • Determine which drivers, both internal and external, have the greatest influence on your company’s performance
  • Incorporate drivers within your planning process
  • Apply the latest advances in technology to enable your company to adapt quickly as drivers change

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