Building the Future of FP&A on a Strong Foundation: Insights from Peloton

This article is part of a series of Q&A interview summaries conducted by APQC and the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) with invited subject matter experts in January through March 2019 as part of the Preparing for the Next Level of Financial Planning & Analysis study.

APQC and AFP spoke with Peloton Vice President Philip Peck. As an expert with over 30 years of experience in FP&A and a consultant who currently works to help organizations adapt and embrace leading practices, Peck shared his insights about the ongoing evolution of FP&A, the challenges and opportunities presented by new technologies, and how organizations can find the right mix of skills for their FP&A teams. For Peck, there are significant risks for organizations who do not adapt quickly enough to the rapidly changing terrain of FP&A, and just as many opportunities for those who can get ahead of the curve by embracing innovation.

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