Best Practices in Driver-Based Budgeting and PlanningWebinar

For a company that experiences rapid growth or operates in an economic environment in which frequent change is the norm, a driver-based approach can provide a finance team with a sturdy framework for budgeting and planning.

But many companies lack a systematic approach to identifying and setting priorities for drivers that underlie their budgets and plans.

View & listen to the recorded webcast by APQC, featuring Philip Peck, Peloton’s VP of Finance Transformation and Advisory Services and a panel of experts to hear how finance leaders can develop effective driver-based budgets and plans, including:

  • What distinguishes a driver-based approach from other methods of budgeting and planning
  • What characterizes companies that are most likely to implement a driver-based approach successfully
  • How to garner support for driver-based budgeting and planning throughout your company
  • How to introduce, as well as sustain, a driver-based approach that enables your company to continuously improve its agility and adaptability in budgeting and planning.

Click here to watch the recorded webcast.

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