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Demand Planning At Bolthouse Farms: Using Predictive Planning And AI To Create The Forecasting Crystal Ball

Philip PeckVice President Finance TransformationPeloton Consulting Group
John MonczewskiHead of Data & AnalyticsBolthouse Farms

Bolthouse Farms, a vertically integrated farm company, sells plant based products including juices, beverages, dressings, and carrots. Their legacy Demand Planning world was manually intensive, supported by fragmented Excel spreadsheets, lacked robust promotion planning & distribution capabilities based on market / consumer changes, required herculean efforts to navigate and maintain, and provided limited analytics. Using Covid-19 demands as the catalyst, they leveraged their existing EPM platform and implemented a purpose built Demand Planning solution that leveraged predictive planning, AI, and external data sources to provide daily level planning and analytic capabilities including back-casting for baseline volume, systematized distribution and new product introduction, demand sensing analysis, and continuous customer forecasts. Learn how Bolthouse dramatically reduced demand planning cycle times, increased forecast quality and accuracy, and delivered analytics at the speed of business.

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