4 Key Concerns for FP&A Professionals

Original publication by the Association for Financial Professionals

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) professionals are focused on four key factors, if a recent roundtable discussion is any indication.

Philip Peck, Vice President, Finance Transformation and Advisory Services for Peloton Group, provides an inside view of the key themes discussed during the FP&A Roundtable at FinNext 2018. Dialogue centered on FP&A’s purpose and role within the organization, the ideal profile of an FP&A practitioner, the evolving technology landscape, and the need to develop and retain talent within FP&A.

Join Peloton at the AFP 2018 Conference this November in Chicago where Philip Peck will be moderating Peloton’s FP&A Roundtable session and presenting Transformational Change: From Principles to Practice.” Learn more here.

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