How Advances in Analytics and Business Intelligence Elevate FP&A Webinar

Does your company define financial planning and analysis (FP&A) only as a department within finance? If so, then your company is not generating as much value as it can from FP&A.

With recent technological advances in analytics and business intelligence companies typically circumscribe FP&A within the finance function, which traditionally has focused on financial metrics. When finance teams confine their analysis to individual spreadsheets that are inaccessible beyond the computers on which they reside, companies begin to lack visibility not only into their financial performance but also what they need to achieve operationally to fulfill their performance goals.

  • Why companies tend to isolate FP&A within the finance function,
  • What finance leaders need to know about advances in analytics and business intelligence,
  • How finance leaders can apply advances in analytics to align financial and operational performance, and
  • How CFOs can use business intelligence to broaden the purview of FP&A beyond finance to support their companies' strategic decisions.


Event Info

January 29, 2020
2:00 PM ET