Sporting Good Manufacturer: Anaplan for Demand Planning, Supply Planning & Reporting Case Study

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Rapidly growing American sporting goods manufacturer with a global portfolio of leading category brand names focused on protection, performance and recovery.

Business Challenges

  • Antiquated S&OP process lacked scalability – the organization has grown quickly through organic growth and M&A, the planning SKUs have the potential to triple in the next 6 months, current solution was rigid and not very user-friendly
  • Ineffective Data Analysis – maintaining and utilizing legacy processes proved to be time consuming and unable to provide in-depth analysis; desire to toggle between weekly and monthly consumption ratios was not possible
  • Delayed Decision Making – the organization needed flexible real-time decision making in order to improve their competitive edge in the sports brand market
  • Fear of “customized” software – the organization had a bad prior experience with software that needed to be coded to their needs and desired an out-of-box experience that would not create limitations and barriers


  • Peloton’s Anaplan Supply Chain Accelerator – provided the foundation for an out-of-box experience, fast ROI, comprehensive solution yet tailored to their organization and owned by their functional business team
  • Forecast Accuracy – provides real-time insight for demand planners to improve demand forecast
  • Rolling Statistical Forecast – 14 statistical calculations automatically run and update while indicating the best possible statistical method based off key indicators, with the capability of customization of the statistical forecast methods and quantity outputs
  • Exception-based Reporting – Demand and Supply exception reporting to bring focus of demand & supply planners to problem areas, SKU level visibility for granular depth enabling more timely actioning
  • Long-term Buy Plan – Ability for supply planners to quickly plan for all SKU’s at a 24-month horizon, providing visibility to factories and showing unit and dollar impact of inventory policy drivers


  • Automated Planning – Baseline for planning is widely automated for all products at varying levels of granularity, within minimal user interaction necessary
  • Scenario Modeling – Solution allows for testing of assumptions and application of trends before a final forecast is concluded
  • Enhanced Reporting – Improved S&OP process enables organization to see financial impacts and dollars associated

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