Oilfield Services Company uses Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) and PaaS for seamless systems integration, process automation and enhanced profitability analytics

Business Challenges

  • Legacy Application Not Scaling – Legacy application implemented during the early stage of Liberty Oilfield Services' business but as they underwent rapid growth the application was unable to scale with the business
  • Costs of Production – Legacy system lacked detail and transparency leaving the business with holes in their understanding of costs related to production
  • Data Governance – The business’s rapid growth led to poor data governance processes, driving complexity in reporting and data conversions


  • ERP Cloud Projects & Inventory for Full Landed Cost – Provide better and more transparent view of costs of production
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) – Peloton leveraged Oracle’s PaaS to develop custom applications such as auto receiving to streamline business processes
  • Platform Data Management (IaaS/PaaS) - Saved time with automation, support for applications, easy access to analytics, user-focused security
  • Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) – Liberty Oilfield Services was the first customer to leverage the power of Oracle’s ADW as the foundational reporting warehouse for Operational & Financial (ERP) data to provide real-time insights to their business
  • Automation of Conversions – Peloton’s deep analytic skills were leveraged to build and reconcile the high volume of legacy data to be converted


  • Single Source of Truth – Integration of Financial & Operational data from systems in their data warehouse
  • Seamless Integration & Process Automation – For all key business functions which improves coordination between quoted and executed jobs and allows resources to focus on value-add analysis
  • Enhanced Profitability Analytics & Decision-Making – Actionable analytics detailing the impact of different products and operational drivers that impact profitability