Non-Profit Health Center’s shift to EPM Cloud reduces Budget cycle by 40%

Business Challenge

  • Limited Flexibility and Antiquated Process – Outdated Budget process based in Excel led to corrupted files and lack of knowledge transfer
  • Labor Intensive Offline Planning Process – 40+ managers involved in the budgeting process led to long lead time and inconsistency in data collection
  • Siloed Processes – Lack of integration between departments, data sources, and technology increased the manual effort in yearly budget cycles


  • Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS) – Financials Module replaced an Excel-based process and served as an integrated solution to meet all analyzation, trending, and spreading methodologies for the Forecasting and Budgeting processes
  • Driver-Based Revenue Planning – Provided the ability for Finance to create the Budget and Forecast in an expedited manner using a set of common drivers, calculations and forms
  • Seamless Connectivity of Oracle Cloud Platforms – Direct integration of ERP Financials to Planning for bi-directional sourcing, seeding plan actuals, and writing-back the final Budget to ERP Financials
  • Collaborative Process – Configured and built the application with a collaborative client and development team to increase adoption of the solution


  • Reduced Budget Cycle by 40% Eliminated Excel-based processes, automated data integrations, and centralized business process resulted in a 6 week reduction in Budget process
  • Instant Consolidation – End-to-end annual Forecast and Budget calculates in 4 minutes
  • Enhanced Analytic Capabilities – Shorter Budget and Forecast cycles create more time for value-add analysis

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