McGrath RentCorp: Oracle Cloud EPM Case Study

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Founded in 1979, McGrath RentCorp is a diversified business-to-business rental company that rents and sells relocatable modular buildings, storage containers, electronic test equipment, and liquid and solid containment tanks and boxes. McGrath operates five divisions: Mobile Modular, Mobile Modular Portable Storage, TRS-RenTelco, Adler Tanks, and Enviroplex.

Business Challenges

  • Disjointed Planning Process – Previous planning process was disjointed and complex, spanning across five divisions
  • Growing User Base – Needed tighter security to empower a growing user base
  • Visibility – Needed a solution that would increase visibility across departments and divisions that would allow user control over their data, mappings, processes, and documentation


  • Standardization – Created a 5 step allocation process and provided standardized data, processes, and documentation across functional users
  • Cloud Solution and Implementation – Created and implemented a cloud solution with PCBS to support migration from on-premise to the Cloud


  • Real-Time Results  – Approved Users could now access the integrated planning environment to update salaries, new hires, and terminations, to see live impact to their financial reports
  • Increased Visibility – PBCS opened up the black box and allowed them to update old rules,  remove unused and broken code, actively maintain mappings, and provide standardized data, processes and documentation across functional users
  • Drive Better Business Decisions  – Detailed dashboards empowered management with timely and accurate workforce and financial reports to drive better decision making

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