Materials & Medical Device Manufacturer: Anaplan Demand Planning Model

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Global materials manufacturer with a wide range of healthcare & life sciences, mobile electronics, industrial & manufacturing, automotive, apparel & textiles, consumer products, aerospace, and environmental protection technologies.

Business Challenges

  • Absence of Cohesive Demand Planning Method – Multiple business groups without a best practice-based demand planning process.
  • Data Disconnect – Planners navigate between multiple disconnected source systems to make decisions on final demand plan.
  • Demand Planner Knowledge Transfer – No key product/customer indicators to accurately notify demand planner the products to plan without prior knowledge of a product/customer.


  • Systematic  Solution – Replaced an Excel driven demand planning solution with the capacity to generate a baseline forecast, demand planner override ability, and emphasis on high priority products & customers.
  • Interconnected Processes – Model allows for a consistent methodology and logic, across differing business groups, to generate demand plan.
  • Rolling Statistical Forecast – Nine statistical calculations automatically run and update while indicating the best possible statistical method based off key indicators, with the capability of customization of statistical forecast methods and quantity outputs.
  • Adjustments at Lower Granularity – Percent adjustments of demand plan at the highest level automatically allocate down to the most granular level of detail.


  • Improve Forecast Accuracy – The visibility and structured workflow built into Anaplan afforded the opportunity to Demand Planners to improve their Forecast accuracy by up to 5% within certain S&OP families over the first two months of usage.
  • Drive Efficiency in Demand Plan – Integrated solution allows for an improved efficiency and performance in demand plan, with varying flexibility throughout the demand planning process.
  • Scenario Modeling – Solution allows for testing of assumptions and application of trends before a final forecast is concluded.
  • Automated Planning – Baseline for planning is widely automated for all products at varying levels of granularity, with minimal user interaction necessary.

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