Master data management dashboard solution helps $12B Global Biotech link data and create insights

Business Challenges

  • Disparate Data – R&D managed their own lists of entities in disparate files and thus employees were unable to quickly and easily search for data related to clinical trials in a comprehensive system
  • Lack Data Access – No easy way to connect to source systems, display the data in an easy-to-view and navigate format, and export data to Excel or text files


  • Structured Data into One Materialized View – Used data maintained in Informatica MDM and existing relationships to build the appropriate hierarchy for reporting; Informatica PowerCenter ETL was developed and modeled into mastered entity detail to enable capability and access to pre-existing reports
  • Developed 12 Interactive Dashboards – Using Tableau, dashboards were created and connected with the mastered data; all search queries and selected filters dynamically reflect across all dashboards, narrowing the search
  • Secure Storage – Workbooks are published and maintained on Tableau Server 10.1 where security is handled using AD groups and Tableau site roles; these groups distinguish between users who should and should not see personally identifiable information pertaining to investigators


  • One-Stop Shop – Delivered a one-stop-shop for exploring MDM data and the relationships between the mastered entities; this includes a comprehensive search and filter functionality, navigation between entity dashboards and relationships, and reports that easily export for additional reporting needs
  • Interactive Visuals Allow to Create Insights – Users can explore data in various visuals including maps and charts and make use of summary level information; additionally, users can now access pre-existing reports for specific programs and clinical trials that are stored on SharePoint

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