Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Solution (FCCS) reduces close time at Global Transportation Provider

Business Challenges

  • Manual Process for Consolidation and Bank Reporting – Heavy reliance on manual processes within Excel to perform consolidations and bank reporting
  • Process Complexity and Validation Issues – Foreign currency translation, intercompany eliminations and cash flow computed in Excel added extreme complexity to the process and caused validation issues
  • Time Consuming Monthly Close – Lack of data integration and reporting tools extended the close process


  • Enhanced Capabilities – Supported generation of balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, product P&L and expense analytics
  • Increased Visibility – Created process to enable cash flow by entity in local currency on a monthly basis
  • Streamlined Close Process Decreased dependencies on end-users to complete manual steps
  • Integrated System – Built system integration to help support accurate and repeatable financial processes with reliable data on the first try


  • In-Depth Reporting – Granularity of monthly details improved, thereby providing the business with the ability to conduct more value-added analysis
  • Increased Efficiency – Removed need for extensive manual effort to reconcile and “bridge” external financials and bank report financials
  • Seamless Integration Architecture – Leveraged a true integrated approach to deliver the core benefits of a cloud architecture

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