Everest: Anaplan Workforce Planning & Allocation Modeling Case Study

Everest is a publicly traded global leader in reinsurance with over 40 years of experience and nearly $17B in market capitalization.

Business Challenges

  • Disconnected HR System [WF] – Manual legacy processes of separated Workforce planning was time-consuming, manual and carried inherent risk
  • International Scaling [Allocation] – Current processes do not include transaction currency and international allocations
  • Oversized Models [Allocation] – Determine areas for size optimization and efficiency


  • Workday Integration [WF] – Creation of new model for HR Planning that aligns with the metrics and data native to Workday, allowing the ability to assign new TBHs for approval
  • Process Automation [Both] – Reduce the manual effort and risk related to the current processes, resulting in more time to analyze data and a shift to more value-added work
  • Dual Sided Planning [Both] – Drive logic in the system to enable a bottoms up planning process with the ability to input high-level overrides


  • Streamlined Workforce Planning [WF] – End users are now able to make planning adjustments in Workday that automatically flow to Anaplan’s centralized system, minimizing inaccuracies and saving time
  • Currency Integration [Allocation] – Planning can now be done in transactional currency and translated to USD for uniform reporting

Complimentary Discovery Briefing

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