Enterprise planning cloud solution enables better decision making at large Foodservice Procurement company

Business Challenges

  • Reliance on Microsoft Excel – Planning and reporting process heavily relied on large Excel files
  • Manually Intensive Reporting – Process to input data, run calculations, validate results, and create reports was manually intensive and error-prone
  • Time Consuming Consolidation – The consolidation process left little to no time for value-added analysis


  • Integrated and Centralized Financial Planning – Implemented technology to serve as a foundation for future planning, reporting, and analytical capabilities
    • Developed consolidated P&L and corporate employee planning application in Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS)
    • Integrated SAP general ledger and human resources data with EPBCS solution
  • Driver-Based Revenue Planning – Provided the ability for revenue planners to create the budget and forecast at the client-level using a set of common drivers, calculations and forms
  • Peloton Cloud Development Hub – Using a highly collaborative approach in tandem with Peloton’s available solution accelerators streamlined the project delivery while reducing costs


  • Value-Added Analysis – Reduced time spent on data consolidation and planning allow for more value-added analysis and timely decision-making based on a single source of truth
  • Automation – Repeatable, streamlined, efficient and accurate planning process
  • Scalable Flexible Solution – Supports current and future planning needs as well as robust reporting and analytical capabilities
  • Reduced Reliance on Internal IT – Solution is entirely managed by the FP&A team with no infrastructure or on-going IT support required

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