CoAction: Anaplan FP&A Forecasting Case Study

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Coaction Specialty Insurance is a full specialty underwriter with over $1 billion in premiums across five major product verticals: property, casualty, entertainment, executive liability, and multi-line.

Business Challenges

  • Manual Forecasting – current legacy FP&A processes & reinsurance processes are time-consuming and disconnected, not allowing for a holistic overview of business processes. Everything is done in excel through various versions which leaves a major gap for human error.
  • Reinsurance Treaties – Very manual and tedious process
  • Delays in Scaling – Noticeable delays in scaling due to nuances in department processes, “tribal knowledge,” and offline spreadsheets
  • Inability to do different forecasts (9+3, quarterly, etc.)
  • In current systems, planning is done at a sub-vertical level but they want to be able to pull at an LOB level


  • Insurance & Reinsurance Specific Modeling – Leveraged the insurance accelerator and allowed for assumption driven planning as well as the ability to plan by vertical & subvertical, and allow for the creation of a premium schedule. Insurance planning team can plan for premiums, losses, commissions and taxes, while the reinsurance team can model for ceded premiums, commissions & loss assumptions. Also allowed for the creation of treaty breakdown summary reports.
  • Enhanced Reporting & Data Analysis – Using real time data analysis & insight, you are able to see the immediate impact through management p&l, p&l by sub-vertical, p&l by lob, as well as variance reports. The user can select a start and end period as well as versions to compare & analyze the p&l items through various forecast versions.
  • Expense Planning & Allocations Standardized and centralized expense planning into one system by spend category and cost center when applicable which also allows for actuals and forecast allocations


  • Users are able to view and forecast based on real time data
  • Established a streamlined and centralized planning process which is clear and cuts down on back and forth between teams
  • Migrated users from an excel environment to one with more efficiency and is more user friendly
  • Introduced a streamlined reinsurance and insurance process to cut down on the manual process

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