Business intelligence collaborative at large A&D company sparks business alignment and improves software solutions

Business Challenges

  • Siloed Business Units – Fifteen autonomous business units lacked intelligent methods to share BI and EPM mechanisms and data. Each unit separately managed, leading to inconsistencies across groups and the inability to leverage institutional knowledge and best practices across the organization
  • Disconnected Business Practices – Staffed separate support teams which competed for talent and required the company to build stand-alone infrastructure environments with excess capacity, and it was challenging to engage multiple partners


  • Knowledge Sharing – Created a forum for knowledge sharing across the company in the BI and EPM domains
  • Aligned Business Units and Improved Processes – Established a Business Intelligence Collaborative (BIC) to enable better partnering and teamwork across business units


  • Reduced Costs and Existing Projects’ Timelines – Drove down the software and server costs on a multitude of different ongoing projects
  • Increased Solution Quality – Leveraged industry best practices and demonstrated learnings to optimally deliver net new planning, reporting, and analytic solutions across the company’s business segments.
  • Expanded Knowledge Sharing – Fostered cross-business unit relationships that paid dividends by increasing use of best practices across the organization
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership – Reduced total cost of ownership by consolidating support functions

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