Business advisory helps $31B Aerospace and Defense company smoothly merge business units and increase efficiency

Business Challenge

  • Merging Business Units – Organization was preparing for merging of multiple business units, requiring a singular interface and EPM solution across teams
  • Disconnected Planning Applications – Planning process consisted of multiple indirect & direct planning applications that had to be manually consolidated for separate business units
  • Inconsistent Processes – Users had differing planning processes and calculations to derive forecasted values, making it challenging to understand variances and inconsistencies


  • Streamlined Budgeting and Forecasting – Designed, developed and deployed a planning solution that leverages Hyperion Planning. Automated data integration and integrated rate & allocation calculations
  • Established Consistent Processes – Established a consistent solution to budget and forecast financial and FTE information, with streamlined dimensionality and calculations
  • Automation – Developed automated metadata and data integration processes to load latest information


  • Centralized Systems – Established a centralized repository of financial and operational data, reducing manual consolidation and reconciliation effort and ensuring one version of the truth
  • Transparency – Centralized, connected systems provide visibility into different levels of the calculation and planning process
  • “What-If” Analysis – More frequent allocation and rate calculations, providing faster what-if modeling and detailed forecast modeling
  • Increased Knowledge Sharing – Foster cross business-unit data sharing and relationships in preparation for future merging of chart of accounts