AEW Capital Management: Oracle EPM Cloud Case Study

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AEW Capital Management, L.P. is a company that provides real estate investment management services to investors worldwide. They have over 400 clients with $78 billion in assets under management across all property types in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Business Challenges

  • Manually Intensive Process – Previous on-premise platform lacked the reporting and analysis required to proactively manage their ever-changing business needs
  • Risk of Data Inaccuracy – Lack of consistency causing error-prone reporting and forecasting processes
  • Single Source of Truth – Lacked automated and streamlined processes


  • Financial & Workforce Planning – Established a central repository for plan, forecast, and actuals data to enhance planning and reporting
  • Account Reconciliation – Leverage Auto-Reconciliation and pre-built reporting capabilities to minimize manual intervention
  • System Integration – Build integration with Microsoft and ADP systems to support accurate and repeatable financial processes


  • Improved Efficiency  –  System calculated REIT asset fees revenue modeling
  • Increased Transparency – Centralized repository of budget, forecast, and actuals data
  • Automated Data Integration  – Fully automated reporting and robust ad hoc capabilities

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